You decide to finally take some well deserved time off of work and to go on a relaxing family vacation! After a week in your favorite vacation spot, you come home to find that your house has been broken into.



Here are 8 tips to avoid this exact situation.


1. Ask a Friend or Neighbor to Help

This includes keeping an eye on the house and for suspicious activity.

2. Don’t Tip Off Criminals on the Web

We ALL know how social media works these days. One post and everybody knows where you are… or where you aren’t … (in your home).

3. Arrange to Have the Grass Mowed

Just like your personal appearance, you want to ensure that your house appears normal and maintained for the duration that you are gone.

4. Keep Your Curtains the Way They Normally Are

Closed vs open curtains remain a topic of debate. With all other decisions, there are pros and cons to everything. So why make noticeable changes to your house? Just keep things the same!

5. Have a Light Switch Timer

Keeping the lights on while you are away is an old trick in the book. Purchase a light switch timer so it is not only more realistic with the lights turning on and off but also with cost and energy saving.

6. Stop Your Mail and Newspaper Deliveries

Having newspapers piled up on your driveway is a dead give away that you are not home! Either put a hold on receiving it or get somebody to pick it up until you are back.

7. Lock Your Doors and Windows

This seems like an obvious one… but it is often times overlooked or forgotten! Make sure all of your locks are working and doing its job.

8. Remove Your Spare Key

Everyone loves to have a spare key hidden outside the house for insurance. And everyone loves a fun game of hide and seek. Make sure you remove your spare key before you leave so nobody can find that key and break in!