The only thing worse than the smell of trash is the smell of it coming from your clogged sink’s garbage disposal! 

Not everybody knows the difference between what should go down the disposal and what actually ends up going down it.

So here is some advice on just that.


Only biodegradable items should go down the disposal

Not every type of food is good for the disposal. Fat, oil, and other expanding foods will become a problem with clogging and plumbing.


Use cold water

If you do happen to pour lots of fat into the disposal, hot water will melt the fat away and clog it. Cold water will cause it to solidify which can then be broken up and flushed away in the garbage disposal.


Grind some hard things to keep the blade sharp

Bones and ice are good options of what to throw down there to sharpen the blades.


Avoid harsh chemicals

Drain cleaners, for example, are very harsh on disposals. It is best to use a plunger or hand crank the disposal to unclog those jams. Or help keep the plumbing service business alive and call in a professional!


Keep the disposal clean and fresh

Putting dish soap inside and running cold water every once in a while goes a long way. Dropping citrus peels down the garbage disposal and grinding them up not only helps in maintaining it but also in keeping it smelling nice.



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