Independence day is coming up and you’re getting excited about decorating, but aren’t quite sure about where to start. These 7 quick tips can help you ready your home!

  1.  Hang Up a Flag

You can’t go wrong hanging up a flag in your front yard, just make sure it’s hung properly. Here are some guidelines to hanging the flag correctly according to the Flag Code signed into law by President Roosevelt in 1942:

  • The field of stars should always be positioned on the top left regardless if it’s hung horizontally or vertically
  • If displayed in a window oriented the flag correctly
  • Leave a light on
  • Consider the weather: make sure your flag isn’t damaged by rain or harsh wind. Get a flag that is made of nylon or polyester that will hold up well in outside climates
  • Retire it when it’s worn: click here to view a video on how to properly dispose of your flag after the holiday

   2. Create a Casual Spot for Entertaining

A grill and picnic table is really all you need to host a great outdoor barbecue. 

   3. Plan Your Menu

You can of course do hotdogs and hamburgers, but why not try something different? You could spice it up with some kabobs or try cooking with a charcoal smoker

   4. Choose the Best Fuel for Your BBQ

If you are cooking outside, you want to make sure that you are trying to steer clear of chemically lighting your grill because the fumes are harmful for the environment. Why not try logs or charcoal.

   5. Beat the Bugs

It’s hard to completely enjoy the day with a bunch of mosquitos and gnats around you! You can of course apply bug spray and/or you can burn citronella around the area. Tiki torches and candles are a great way to burn citronella and give your outdoor space some style. 

   6. Let Everyone Play Outside

A great way to add to the entertainment is to set up cornhole, backyard badminton, and if there are kids, maybe set up a sprinkler or slip n’ slide for them to play in. This is a great way to get active while enjoying time in the sun!

   7. Watch Some (Safe) Fireworks

What is the 4th of July without fireworks?! To end your night with a bang (pun intended), go see the local fireworks! Make sure to apply bug spray and bring towels to sit on if there is no seating.