During the pandemic, our friends and clients decided to create a community food pantry for their neighborhood with their Scout Troop. Read what this beautiful family had to say about the process and how YOU can help.


Who are you gathering donations for?

The donations are for anyone in our area who has need for food or other essentials. Even though we live an affluent area overall, many of our neighbors lack for basic food and essentials. Especially in a time of a pandemic when work can be uncertain. 


How do you reach people? 

Through word of mouth and the Rosemary Hills Neighborhood Facebook page mainly. 


How successful has the pantry been? 

We have usually been able to rely on the neighborhood and our families from the Pack to keep the Pantry stocked. But we can always use more. Especially basic toiletry items and feminine hygiene products. 


How long did the food pantry take to make? 

About 2-3 weeks working on and off. The kids helped a lot. 


How old are the kids in your Cub Scout Pack that helped build the pantry?

5-10 years old


What is your favorite part of doing work like this?

Teaching kids to find ways to care for others in their community, and seeing that our neighbors are willing to contribute. There are good people in the world. 


What lessons are kids taking away?

I hope they learn to be sensitive to the reality that there there is still hunger right in our community, and that you can make a difference in helping people in small but important ways. 


How often do you do a food drive?

We welcome families adding food continuously. About once a month if the pantry is getting empty we let everyone know on the neighborhood facebook group and they always respond well. Some families will come together with their kids to add food as a way of building awareness with their kids that there is need. 


Is it too late to give donations?

Nope – there is a lot of need and the pantry  and a steady flow of food and toiletries from the pantry every day. We are always welcoming donations. The best way to stay in touch with use is to follow Mynor and Associates on Facebook – they are always great about letting people know when the pantry needs food. They also collect food at many of their client events. 


What other things does your Pack do? 

We volunteer as much as we can at local charities and service organizations – including Wider Circle and local environmental organizations. 


If someone wants to give back to their community? 

There are many great local charities. Wider Circle and Homes Not Borders are two favorites. Homes Not Borders is a fantastic organization that helps refugees settle in our community: https://www.homesnotborders.org/


If someone wants to get involved how do they do that? 

Go to www.BethesdaPack8.org

Thank you Cristinzios and Pack8 for making an impact on others during these difficult times.