With the school year finishing, summer humidity approaching, and dozens of original plans cancelled, many families are scrambling to figure out how to entertain themselves and their children for the next few months. We have created a list of resources to help you get through the summer: 

Thinking about moving during the Pandemic?

Do you have a son/daughter interested in science and space? 

Channel your inner artist! 

Tired of cooking dinner every night? Let your children take over the kitchen! 

Participate in a virtual ukulele festival through Strathmore! 

The Smithsonian has a plethora of resources such as virtual tours of Pompeii, a Ronald Dahl read along, and tips to recreate the Northern Lights at home! 

Continue your Spanish speaking skills throughout the summer!

Take a Social Studies class offered by The National Museum of American History! 

Enroll in coding course to prepare for a future in technology.