“Mynor Herrera is the most unusual real estate agent I’ve ever had the chance
 to work with. We were dissatisfied with another realtor who took months to
 work and seemed to be making very little progress.

 My wife called Mynor’s company on what was his day off. As is often the case
 with Mynor, he is never really ‘off.’ He quickly won her confidence with his
 knowledge and hustle. Just a few hours later, he met me at the property with
 an amazing amount of research and a clear strategy for helping us sell our
 parents’ condo.

 Mynor stayed in close communications with us — we live in another state –
 and took the lead in getting repairs made. In a few short weeks, the condo
 sold for a good price. I only wish I had another opportunity to work with
 him; he was a breath of fresh air.”